New look of Ukrainian The Biggest Looser participants (photos Before & After)

Телеканал СТБ

Participants of the fifth season of «The Biggest Looser» in Ukraine fought not only with overweight, but with their own fears, laziness, despair and other problems. We have seen their gradual changes for 4 months and today it’s time to show the final results of their hard work.

Each participant did his best to come to final, but only three persons really managed to stay the final battle. Ksenia Pastukhova and Alexandr Repyanchuk were top finalists, and the audience chose one more participant — Alla Repyanchuk to join the final. Are you ready to be impressed by the results of our season? Let’s start!

Yulia Ferenchuk came to the project with her sisters and their common problem: dream of marriage. Julia came to the project with a weight of 116 kilograms, and her scales showed 88 today. Totally girl dropped 28 kilograms, which is equal to 24.14% of the initial weight.


Roman Bigun wanted to improve his health to be the best for his young son. But while Roman was on the project, his child needed an operation, and he could not be away from him, so Roman left the project. Under the terms of the project his nephew and his aunt left the show too. Roman weight was 159 kilograms, and in the final — 145. As a result, he dropped 14 kilograms, minus 8,8% by weight in the beginning.


Miroslava Vdovych got into reality with a weight of 172 kilograms and she was the heaviest woman of the season. Miroslava withdrew from the project and lost weight at home because of an incident, and went to the finals in the new weight — 136 kilograms, dropping 20, 93 % of her weight. The participant is not going to rest and will continue to lose weight.


Vdovych Olga came to the project with 129 kilograms. Doctors warned her that if she wouldn’t lose weight, it can become a big problem for her in the future. On the final scale this woman showed good numbers — 79. She got rid of the 50 extra kilos, this is 38, 76 % by weight.


Oksana Novikova came to the project with her daughter, husband and 115 kilograms. Now she lost 26.96% of the initial weight and her scales show  84.


Valeriy Novikov has always been a strict father and came to the project for her daughter. However, in the process of losing weight, he changed his attitude to Katya. His start weight was 106 kg, while on the final his scales showed 104. Result: Valeriy dropped 2 kilos and 1.89% of the initial weight. Unfortunately, this is the worst result of the season.


Yuriy Fedorenko went to «The Biggest Looser» with a weight of 130 kilograms. He was an alcoholic who stop drinking and became addicted to food. Than Yuri became a priest. He lost 20 kilograms by the final, it’s 15, 38% of his weight. But Yuriy didn’t come to final, because he is in zone of ATO.

Liubov Luka came to reality with her two daughters. Her weight was 135 kilograms, and she decided to make changes in a very honorable age — 63 years. Mother Liuba asked participants to give a chance to her children and send her home. In the final she appeared in a new look and weight — 86 kilograms. Result of Liubov — minus 49 kilograms, which is equal to 36, 3% of the initial figure.


Andriy Konstantinov asked for help on a project, not only for himself, but for his older brother also. He could become a serious competitor to other men on the project, but because of injuries he left the project. The initial weight of this men was 124 kilograms, and at the final he managed to show excellent results — 77 on the scale. As a result, Andriy has lost 47 kilograms and is 37.9% of the initial weight.


Katerina Novikova became one of the youngest participants of the project. 18-years girl weight was 147 kilograms. For the sake of her health the whole family decided to take part in the reality. Now, in the new weight — 106 kilograms — Katya is full of attention from boys. She lost 41 extra kilograms, 27, 89% of the initial weight.


Tatiana Ferenchuk is a young mother of four children. She lost her place on the project and her coach said that she no longer wants to lose weight. The girl came to the project with a weight of 108 kilograms, and was able to throw 4 kilograms to 104, and it is 3, 7% of the initial weight. She explained this result like employment-related children.


Anna Tsintsadze has become one of the most controversial member of all seasons. Main  «poppyhead” of the fifth season weighed 128 kilograms before the project, and the final figure showed 113 on her scales. Her result — minus 15 kilograms, which is 11,72 %.


George Tsintsadze addressed on a project to support his wife. His weight was quite ok u — 114 kilograms, but he managed to get rid of the 14 extra kilos, 12.28% of the initial weight. Now George scales show the mark 100.


Olga Ferenchuk weight was 131 kilograms, but on the final she appeared in a new weight — 119 kilograms, dropping 12 kg (9.16 %). Participant again promised to the country and her son to lose weight, and this process will be slow, though, but confident.


Alexander Konstantinov would like to change something in his life, and help older brothers and find love, so the project became a real salvation. His initial weight was 133 kilograms, and the party got rid of 35 of them (26.32%). Today Sasha weighs 98 kilograms, he has a girlfriend, and he considers himself a happy man.


Elena Kirsanova brought to reality her family: her son and husband. All the efforts of the women were sent to 30-year-old son Eugene for his dreams. Despite the fact that Elena tried more for her son, she was able to show a good result in the final. Her weight at the beginning of the project was 122 kilos and now she weighs 81 kilograms. She lost 41 kg of excess, that is 33.61%.


Raisa Repyanchuk says: “In 50 life only begins!”. One of the most senior members of the project danced all the time during the cheerful emotion. Raisa weighed 160 kilograms before the reality, and her final result surprised — 86 kilograms. Woman dropped almost half the weight — 74 kilograms and is 46, 25 of the initial figure.


Pyotr Kirsanov’s launch weight is 158 kilograms, and the participant was able to exchange three-digit number showing 95 kilograms in the final. Peter got rid of 63 kilograms, 39.87% of the initial weight.


Igor Pashinsky was one of the toughest men of the season. For health reasons, many competitions were taboo for him, but the man never gave up trying to lose weight through proper nutrition and minimum loads. Unfortunately, six weeks after his departure from the project happens irreparable — Igor died.

Irina Luca was the hope of a win for their coach and a potential leader in the family, and the camp. The purpose of joining a project for girls became unsuccessful attempts to have a child. Her starting weight was 105 kilograms and dropping 40 kilograms (38.09%), it weighs 65 today.


Evgeny Kirsanov was nicknamed “chief strategist of the camp”, defeating the mafia and all participants received immunity last season. With the figure of 173 kilograms Eugene moved to other weight — 102 kilograms, but the party is not going to stop. As a result, Jack dropped 71 kilograms, which is equal to 41.04%.


Victoria Luca was a colorful participant who really stood out from the others with memorable quotes. Vica’s weight before the project was 156 kilograms, and the final figure showed 104 on her scales 104. Minus 52 kilograms is 33.33% of the initial weight.


Natalia Karpenko came to the project in weight of 136 kilograms. All participants and spectators even named her a ‘wheel’. The participant was able to get rid of the 72 extra kilos, which is equal to 52, 94% of the initial figure on the scales. Now Natasha weighs only 64 kilograms.


Ruslan Karpenko has established himself as a leader from the very beginning of the season. He was feared and disliked by many of his competitors. However, the man could not become a finalist for support of audience, but won the home weight loss. However, this did not prevent him to show excellent results in the balance — with 155 kilograms he reached the figure 69. Ruslan took off 86 kilograms, which is equal to 55.48%.


Ksenia Pastukhova became a finalist of the fifth season and was able to become one of the most powerful women of the project. She never felt sorry for herself and has come to make a reality of decisive action from the father of her daughter. When Ksenia came to the project, her weight was 113 kilograms, and in the final she showed a good result — number 64. She dropped 49 kilograms, 43.36 from the initial weight.


Alla Repyanchuk is a vulnerable and impressionable women and mother, on the project she become a hardened and a strong spirit participant. Prior to the project her scale showed the number of 148, but even in this position Alla pulled on her entire family. In the final there was a fantastic look woman and new weight — 79 kilograms. Her figure — minus 69 kilograms, that is 42, 62%.


Alexander Repyanchuk won the fifth season of the project «The Biggest Looser». From lazy and passive man, he became a leader, strong and resilient opponent for all the finalists. He weighs up to 148 kilograms before the project, and he was able to break the world record, dropping 89 kilograms, which is 60, 13%. Now Sasha weight is 59 kg.